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Custom Pocket Folder Services At Affordable Rates

Every business has its own set of requirements and ideas regarding design elements of folders. Custom pocket printed folders serve greatly in fulfilling the need of professionals, businessmen and students. Customized printing gives edge in creating unique and finest version of folders and also have economic benefit.

Marketing is somehow costly, especially when you want to connect with large number of people. A customized well-branded pocket folder may market your business to many people within a short period by approaching them directly with targeted services.

Right Graphics are important if aligned with organization vision and mission and can help to establish your organization apart. You can add your company logo outside or inside, and use the second side of the folders to list interesting company or product facts and statistics.
There are different types of folders available as per client need.

  • Full color pocket folders with standard folder size
  • 2 or 3 colored printed folders
  • Foil & embossed pocket printing
  • Die-cut shaped pockets with business cards slits
  • Creative designs and use of images