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Presentation Folders Printing Online

Presentation folders have a diverse usage in the corporate world that presents information bits in an organized and systematic mode. A well-crafted presentation folder can define your business layout and its level of professionalism whether it's a small or big scale venture. These folders are conveniently used in expositions, displays, conferences, exhibitions, and corporate summits.

There are subsequent viable options to look into for folder selection.

Size and Dimension:

The standard dimension used for a presentation folder is 9″ x 12″ or 230mm x 310mm nearly fitting the A4 or letter size paper sheets in pockets.

Pockets type and usage:

Two or more inside pockets with horizontal flaps are the standard design, however, there are many other pocket configurations like vertical flaps to choose from.

Material and Coating:

The folder made of heavy cardstock is important in lasting durability. Usually, it has a clear protective texture such as UV or aqueous coating or plastic laminate if required.


Full-color presentation folders attract sight with the glossy surfaces but customized multiple color options also support clients to promote business in specific color psychology.