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Folders With Pockets

Folder with Pockets

A well-designed folder with pockets improves the presentation power and helps to organize records in a professional mode. Each business has its share of documentation, it is much easier to store information using folders with feasible pockets.

There are various types of folders available with a range of pocket layouts and sizes such as

Folders with Regular Pocket

Generally made of thick cardboard with paper folded in the middle. Typically, the standard design comes with two pockets. It can store regular paper type, press releases, company presentations, reports, and other files of smaller size.

Common Pocket folders

It provides more space for storing files and documents. These are usually used as public relations kits, as well as press tools and file reading material required during the presentation.

Folders with Customized pockets: Pockets can be formed differently in both vertical and horizontal orientation, the pockets can be trimmed, rounded, or vary in size. Slit pockets are designed to allow the easily slipping of the documents inside.