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Business Presentation Folders

Business presentation folders hold prime importance in making your business stand out among prospective clients. Well-planned and organized documentation is critically important while promoting your business campaign that invokes professionalism in your work profile. These folders structure your workflow and business in the following domains.

  • One on one or interpersonal meetings
  • Sizeable group discussions
  • Press Conferences/ Media Coverage
  • Corporate Meetings
  • Product Launches
  • Marketing Campaigns
  • Employee Workshops and Training
  • Trade Exhibitions
  • Business Meetings

Business works as a billboard for you by introducing all the aspects of your business in one place. You need to define the purpose of the folder if its a generic overview or targeted towards specific clients so you can keep a record of documents that gives a competitive edge to your areas of expertise such as

  • Introduction Letter
  • Business Flyers or Broachers
  • Product and Services Description
  • Company Hierarchy details
  • Business Cards, Postcards
  • Marketing Manual
  • Feedback Form
  • CDs, DVDs for product demonstration
  • Monthly or Annual Business Reports
  • Sales datasheet.