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presentation folders

Customized Folders

Customized Folders are the most ingeniously designed folders depending on its usage.  It is imperative to know the type of design and purpose before undertaking folder printing.


  • It makes things easier for your prospects by offering a single package folder that contains valuable information.
  • You can regulate their choices regarding your business and services in the best possible order.  
  • It can also save the cost of promotion as marketing is relatively expensive to get in touch with a wide-ranging audience. Hence, you can count on the attendees during business events or conferences as your potential customers, and distribute your customized promotional kit, so it can expand your reach.
  • They are created in multiple pockets, folds, and sizes for accommodating legal papers, letter papers, A4 size papers, business cards, or smaller half-sized used in presentation with unique color structures.

Our special folder also has locks to secure the files inside, designed by applying various artistic styles to grab the customer’s attention.