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presentation folders

Custom Folders

Custom Folders help to endorse a brand in a specialized manner. Being prepared and organized makes an everlasting first impression, accompanied by workable promotional package for a high-end business function. It offers the clients direct focus and makes them aware and attentive throughout your presentation.

Design Layout: We design folders depending on your business needs, from basic designs to extra interior pockets or slits for your business cards.

Sizes: We design folder sizes according to the range of paper sizes available in the market so it can be placed perfectly.

Distinctive branding: A well-branded treatment of the company’s contact details, logos, and artwork are offered which is visually appealing due to our artistic design, colors, and printing technology.

You can utilize it digitally along with the emails to your clients, also by adding a flash drive for your promotional video in order to create an effective email campaign for your product endorsement. The company’s products inside also add value to make it prominent and engaging if it compliments the design elements.