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Custom Printed Folders

Folders are an ideal mode of promoting your company and its products because of their practicality and versatility. A Custom Printed Folder is a durable and high-quality pocket folder designed to offer high visual appeal used to organize documents for presentations, meetings, seminars and other important business events. Whether you want one pocket or two, gloss paper or matte, and portrait or landscape orientation, you can customize your folders according to your business plan.

The folder preferably created with gloss laminate finish enhance the overall look of a folder with unique pocket designs or slits. This is because gloss lamination provides following benefits:


  • Creates a glossy appearance by improving the overall aesthetics of the colors and design.
  • Protection layer shields a paper against spills, stains and scrapes, thus increasing the endurance and usefulness of folder.
  • The thick color coat enhances depth and vibrancy of the primary colors, which attracts the recipient’s attention.
  • Improves firmness and gives strength to the functionality of folder as a portable carrier of vital documents.