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Donation Envelopes:

Donation envelopes are also the offering envelopes with little change and these are very versatile and usually being used to collect donations through courier or from person as well in order to collect the information on members. The face of the envelopes is so simple in view and it consists of corner copy, particular organization's address, sometimes business reply or you may say with the "stamp here" artwork in most right corner at top of envelop. The beautifully designed flaps of remittance envelopes are actually the features which make them very special.

Most of the time the donation envelopes, are difficult to set up for the purpose of printing because of the large flaps around it. For instance if the copy you have put in comes too close to the edge it will become more difficult for you to handle so we recommend you to buy those we made for you.  

Offering Envelopes:

Offering envelopes or Tithe envelopes are designed in a way that these can be personalized for your church or charity having corner copy in order to add the return address or small logo of your company. Moreover it comes with a custom printed image on overall envelope. To give our customers reliable and affordable products the corner copy is included in the price of the envelope; so that you can easily contact your printer to print a custom quote. For instance if you want a larger picture to be printed you will find it so easy to do over it.

Non-Perforated Remittance Envelopes

Either you say non-perforated or "non-perf remittance envelopes these have quite large flap which are basically designed to be closed over the back. It has the cool feature that when you close envelop it will almost cover the back of it as this flap works as the closing flap for this very reason it is gummed at the end. Non-perforated remittances envelopes are designed and manufactured keeping in mind the budget of our customers hence these are more economical than perforated ones. Plus these envelopes are simple to use, and work well for most of the important fundraising purposes.

Perforated Remittance Envelopes

In actual the perforated remittance envelopes seem more like non-perforated counterparts. Except the long flap it has been created with a short flap to close the envelope. The detached flap piece attached in it helps to fill out with gift, or subscription information, by the donator. With these kinds of flaps it becomes easy to print more copies and have your important copy closer to the edge of the flap because there is no gum used. Perforated envelopes work best if you plan and in need to collect a lot of information moreover if it is vital to have observable printing on the back of envelope for different purposes.

Remittance Envelope Templates

You should definitely ask your printer for a fine template of a particular size and type of envelope before finalizing the final print copy with standard envelopes and measurements which can easily provide enough information. With these kinds of remittance envelopes there are number of curved edges, tapers, also the gum lines which are actually needed to avoid. If you try to put something very close to the edge there are chances that it may end up getting cut off.